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 Preschool Orientation/FAQs

Orientation Schedule and a Welcome to Westover for Currently Enrolled Families!

Welcome to the Westover Baptist Church Preschool 2018-19 school year!  This will be our 47th school year! We are proud to continue in the tradition of providing an exceptional program for families in the community. We are pleased to have your family join us this year.

The strongest point of our program is our Staff. We are blessed with a dedicated Staff whose members demonstrate a sound knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice. We have a caring attitude for the entire family, have loyalty to our team, and to the school. The program provides a nurturing environment that encourages a feeling of success in our children, by designing learning activities that are developmentally appropriate and centered around play. Your child will experience a variety of wonderful activities throughout the year, and events will be held welcoming your entire family.

Our school year begins with orientation. Orientation days will be held on Monday, September 10th and Tuesday, September 11th. The first day of classes is Wednesday, September 12th. This will be a wonderful opportunity to attend with your children to meet the Teachers, spend time in your child’s classroom, play on the playground, visit the Library, and help your child become familiar with their preschool. The Parents’ Group will have information about the events to welcome all families back to Preschool. Any outstanding registration forms will be collected on these days. New enrollees must bring a birth certificate.

Please consider the following to help our program run smoothly:

Tuition: Tuition is computed on a 40-week school calendar and is simply divided into 10 monthly payments. The first payment is due June 1, 2018 and the last, May 1, 2019 (no later than the 10th). The September payment will include the activity fee and material fee.  At orientation a fee schedule will be posted. We will be happy to provide payment receipts for those who request them. Returning families will notice a new activity fee this year. We are pleased to announce that the fee will help us provide more extracurricular activities including music and movement class one day per week, and more science/art activities for all.

Parking: When dropping off and picking up children, parents are to park in the upper lot at the corner of 11th Street and Patrick Henry, nearest the Sanctuary. Please enter the lot from the driveway on the right on 11th Street. Do not park in spaces reserved for Staff. The lower parking lot near the playground is also available and the back door will be open for arrival and dismissal only. We implore you to hold on to your child while walking from the parking lot, or if you walk to school. Do not allow them to run ahead of you.

Parents are required to sign their children IN and OUT each day at the classroom and in the PDO area. The attendance sheets must be accurate and are vital in the event of an emergency. The Preschool’s emergency plan is included in your parent handbook. Please review and provide us all materials requested.

The Westover Parents’ Group invites all parents to participate in the various committees, events, and activities hosted throughout the year. This extremely active group provides tremendous support to the school and is committed to enhancing the program. Please complete the WPG volunteer form. We could not have a successful program without our parents! Watch for the first event, Playground Clean-up Day on Saturday, September 8th and the Welcome Picnic in September or early October!

Remember, Orientation Days will be Monday, Sept. 10th and Tuesday, Sept. 11th. The first day of classes is Wednesday, September 12th at 9:15!

On behalf of our wonderful Staff, welcome to Westover!  The Orientation Schedule is as follows:

Monday, September 10, 2018


10:00-10:30                            ALL MONDAY PDO:  INFANTS, TODDLERS,

                                                   YOUNG 2’S


10:30-11:00                            WEDNESDAY TODDLERS - PDO ROOM B

                                                WED/FRI 2/3'S CLASS - PDO ROOM C


11:00-11:30                            MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY 3'S CLASS 

                                                   ROOM 230

                                               MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY 3/4'S CLASS 

                                                   ROOM 240 

                                               MONDAY-FRIDAY 4'S CLASS  ROOM 232 


Tuesday, September 11, 2018


10:00-10:30                            ALL TUESDAY PDO:  INFANTS, TODDLERS,

                                                   YOUNG 2’S


10:30-11:00                            ALL THURSDAY PDO:  INFANTS, TODDLERS, YOUNG 2'S

                                                TUESDAY/THURSDAY 2/3'S CLASS – ROOM 240


11:00-11:30                            TUESDAY/THURSDAY  3’s  CLASS – Room 230

                                                TUESDAY-FRIDAY 4'S CLASS BLUE -- Room 208

                                                TUESDAY - FRIDAY  4’s CLASS YELLOW  --  Room 234                                               


*PDO means Parents’ Day Out suite

*Registration tables will be open at 9:45 for registration form collection.

*For new enrollees:  A birth certificate must be presented.



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