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Westover Bapist Church
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About Our Program


Children playing

Westover Baptist Preschool (WBP) is a play-based half-day childcare program that operates under the auspices of Westover Baptist Church. We are guided by the philosophy that children learn and grow through positive  developmental experiences. WBP students build skills and gain independence in a safe and nurturing environment, through our curriculum’s daily routines, activities, and interactions

We believe each child is unique and varies in their development. Our preschool program provides inclusive settings that support children's varied abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles. Our play-based, child-centered program reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, and self-regulation areas for the total development of the child. For fifty years, Westover Baptist Preschool has been providing educational experiences that stimulate, assist, support, and sustain children’s emergent skills. 


Diversity, equity, and inclusion have always been at the heart of Westover Baptist Preschool’s mission. We teach our students, diversity means differences. People may be different in many ways, including race or ethnicity, age, disabilities, language, culture, appearance, or religion. At WBP, we strive to help our students develop an appreciation of the diversity in our school community and in the world outside our school’s walls.

Westover Baptist Preschool is an equal opportunity organization.

Learning Centers offer a balance of activities and materials:

  • Art/creativity
  • Home living/community
  • Block center
  • Sensory table
  • Pretend play
  • STEM centers
    • Science modules
    • Patterning

Gross motor/movement relates to body awareness, reaction speed, balance and strength:

  • Playground
  • Bike room
  • Courtyard
  • Weekly music classes
  • Excavation station

Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles, referring to the tasks controlled by the nervous system:

  • Manipulatives:
    • Lacing cards
    • Stringing
    • Play-doh
    • Floam
    • Shaving cream
  • Pincer grips with pencils, markers, paint brushes, rollers, and crayons
  • Cutting and gluing 

Articles about the value of learning through play:

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